Ages 3-6


Our Primary Program is for children three to six years of age and runs year-round. Montessori structured her Primary pedagogy around four major themes: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language and Math.

Practical Life is an introduction to the everyday environment, exercising both gross and fine motor skills in the context of pragmatic activities like cleaning tables and sweeping the floor. Sensorial materials refine the five senses, introducing various textures, smells and so forth to expand the child’s experiential horizon. Language materials are designed to develop effective interpersonal communication skills, emphasizing the basic need for humans to communicate in various forms including, but not limited to, written expression and reading comprehension, while Math offers concrete, tactile objects to facilitate an intuitive understanding of counting and the four operations, and we leverage this understanding to slowly introduce abstract mathematical concepts.


Montessori environments have no set schedule; the goal is to facilitate uninterrupted time for the children to pursue their work. The video below shows an active environment from another Montessori school, and will help you visualize a typical day: